This District is a member of the North Harris County Regional Water Authority (“The Authority”), which was mandated to convert to 20% surface water in 2010. The Harris-Galveston Subsidence District mandated the conversion, and residents farthest from the delivery system will probably remain on well water, while those, like MUD 286, near the infrastructure of the Authority, receive surface water.

The District has been receiving surface water from the Authority, who purchases the water from the City of Houston. Prior to this, the District converted from a chlorinated to a chloraminated disinfection system, adding ammonia to chlorine bleach to achieve chloramination.

MUD 286 has joined with Cypress Creek Flood Control Coalition,, in order to promote flood mitigation efforts in the Cypress Creek watershed. Flood mitigation efforts require governmental and private entities working together to achieve a common goal.  MUD 286 supports the efforts of CCFCC.