Mass Messaging Service

Dear Customer:
Harris County Municipal Utility District 286 (HCMUD 286) has embarked
on a new way of communicating with its customers through the use of a messaging
system called Slick Text.
This will allow HCMUD 286 to instantly notify its customers in the event of
a water outage or an emergency, as well as,  provide non-emergency notifications.
If you would like to participate and be notified of such events, please text the
message HCMUD 286 to  888-572-0999. (There is a space between the D and the 2). You will receive a return text message from Slick Text.

You must be a resident of MUD 286 to participate in this service and we ask
that you only have up to two persons in the household participate.
Feel free to call EDP at 832-467-1599 if you have questions regarding this or
your water and sewer service.

Water testing hangers are NOT affiliated with MUD 286

You may have recently received a door hangers requesting a water sample from your home.  Please note that these door hangers are NOT from EDP or MUD 286, but rather a private water filtration company which has NO affiliation with MUD 286.  There is no concern with the water quality.  EDP regularly conducts testing on our water supply to ensure its quality and safety standards are met.

Website Disclaimer

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